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Cast and Crew


Voice Acting Cast

Season 1 Cast (spoilers up through Episode 13)

Season 2 Cast (spoilers up through Episode 27)


Organizing Crew

Reuben and Aaron are the coordinators for the project; Reuben was responsible for most of Season 1’s story direction, while Aaron is responsible for most of Season 2’s story direction.

Reuben is the lead writer for the project, and writes the scripts for each episode. Starting in Season 2, Aaron does the storyboarding for each episode. Many members of the 104thvoicesquad have also contributed to the story in various ways, both big and small.

Jonah and Reuben are the audio editors for the project; Reuben does the majority of the compiling, while Jonah excellently crafts audio sequences for particularly complex areas of the project.

Aaron is the lead video editor for the project, though Reuben was responsible for the video portion of Episode 1.

Art Team

Music Team