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Okay, so you know how I said a few days ago that the new 104thvoicesquad project wouldn’t be an audioplay?


Turns out it’s gonna be an audioplay :P


Hey so when you do make the final episodes youtube approved, will you have a side note/ disclaimer about the TG "parody" opening, so as to put to ease any further copyright issues? Because some people might not know the opening is from Tokyo ghoul and might think it's an original concept opening. Just wondering yah.

The only way to make the episodes Youtube-approved is to take out that opening altogether. So, unfortunately, we won’t be using that opening in the youtube-safe versions :c

Also, AOS is a copyright nightmare. Don’t even get me started :P


now that aos has had its final episode, do you have any other plans for aos? (sorry for the dumb question)

This has been answered a few times by Reuben, but I figured I’d be a little more specific this time. Basically, there’s a couple of things that will be happening now that AOS is finished:

  • The Kickstarter for Attack on Space: Live Action should be out soon, so keep an eye out for that. Assuming it gets funded, that will be a thing. And a pretty cool thing, at that :0
  • A different, AOS-related project is in the works right now. We’re still in the earliest stages of development, so there’s not a lot to say right now, but in the coming weeks, there’ll be a more substantial announcement regarding that project which I’ll be posting on this blog. It’s gonna be pretty exciting… ouo
  • The 104thvoicesquad, as a whole, will be moving to a new, non-SNK project. While many members of the group are contributing to AOSLA and its creation, we’ll also be starting up production on another audio-based project, which you’ll be hearing about in the coming weeks as well. As with the other project, this one’s still in its earliest stages, so unfortunately there’s not much to say on it right now. But, since I don’t want to leave you guys with nothing, here’s a few insights into what this project will be like in comparison to Attack on Space:
  1. It’s an entirely original project this time.
  2. It’s not an audioplay.
  3. We have a writing team for this project, as opposed to just Reuben and myself. I’m part of the writing team, Reuben is not.
  4. You could probably define the story’s style as “steampunk”. I’ll leave it at that for now :P

This blog will continue posting, of course, and you’ll be able to find updates on both AOSLA and the other AOS-related project on this blog as production moves forward. As for the new 104thvoicesquad project, I’m not sure whether we’ll be making a new blog for that or simply expanding the range of this current one. I’ll let you guys know what we decide, but for now, updates for all three of those projects will be able to be found on here.

And, one more thing. To all the people out there who’ve ever watched Attack on Space, even if it was just one episode… To the people who have stayed and made it to the end with us… To the people who joined partway through or as we were ending, or who, even now, are finding us and watching Attack on Space… Thank you. None of this could have happened without your support, without each and every person pushing us forward, posting your reactions, giving us reviews and critiques, making amazing fan art, and generally just… being there. Thank you so, so, so much. A year ago, I never would have thought something like this was possible. The fact that, 30 episodes later, I can type this out, knowing we’ve completed an entire series, is something that I know, without a doubt, would not have been possible had it not been for every person who ever watched AOS and enjoyed it. So… Again, thank you. I can’t express enough how grateful I am that I could be part of a project that could reach so many people. It amazes me to remember where we started and to see where we are now. It’s insane. People are making a fucking live action series out of this, now. Like, that just blows my mind… And, people have actually felt a connection with this series. And have been moved emotionally. We were able to do that, just from some silly fan series that we started making for fun. I don’t think any amount of words will be able to accurately portray my gratitude, but… I wanted to at least say something. Just… Thank you, guys. Thank you so much ;w;




We’ve only got 8 days left until the end of the Orion Kickstarter! Let’s take a look at our protagonist, Sam Acacius!

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Is shipping elias and Armin incest?

If your ancestor from 1000 years ago time-traveled to the future and just happened to fall in love with you, would that be incest? It’s up to you to decide that.


I was wondering do you guys sell/are planning to sell merch for attack on space?

I’m pretty sure that would be illegal, so unfortunately, we won’t be selling anything AOS-related u_u


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Our ironically named director, Marco Bottiglieri, talks about Attack on Space: Live Action on the radio! 

 Support the upcoming Kickstarter and visit their Youtube Channel and Tumblr for more information and previews!


Guys, guys, guys…

Marco didn’t die, he just jumped realities to make films. Someone tell Jean!

Reblog forever XD

I’m kinda losing it here…


Marco Bott, the only character in Attack on Space that defeated Reuben…


Attack on Space: Live Action
Spot #2, ”Sound the Alarms”

The clock is ticking, cadets. As one chapter closes, another opens.

Soon the countdown will begin. 

Stay tuned. 

Keep on the lookout for some interesting new developments in the next few days…